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Tonya, Hello. Just wanted to thank you again for the great experience we had selling our house. My brother just emailed me: they closed on a house in Michigan, and were really excited to move in. They were living in a two bedroom house with three kids, so they were way past time to move. But after closing, they went to their new house and found that they driveway wasn't cleared (Michigan has been buried in snow recently), so much so that my brother could barely even figure out where he was supposed to shovel. And when they got into the house, the water hadn't been turned out. They called their agent, who basically told them everything after closing is their problem. Whether my brother or the agent should have been the one to make sure everything was set to move in after closing, I'm not sure; but he definitely wasn't impressed with how the agent treated him. So that made me all the more grateful for your service: everything from the very big (being flexible with the selling commission, which made it possible to even list our home for a manageable price) to the little (sending the temperature sensor and Christmas cookies after closing). If any potential client of yours wants a reference, please send them our way. Justin

I am so happy for Barb! She is such a smart business woman that she really shouldn't be working for anyone but herself. I always have her in mind if anyone I know moves to Mtn Home because she was so awesome when we bought our first home. Every time we deal with realtors in other areas we get very frustrated because "no one is as good as Barb". She is an example of what every realtor should strive to be.

Jennifer Waite
I’m glad to see Barb branching out on her own. I can’t tell you how many people I know who pass her along to friends coming into the area, but there were only two names I ever heard mention as good, honest realtors, and she was always the first. Tell her congratulations for us and we wish you the best on the new endeavor! You can rest assured we recommend all our friends to her!

Kevin Brown


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